I have been doing consultant work since 1999 on community forest management, biodiversity conservation, integrated natural resource planning and evaluation, livelihood development, and served as national auditor for FSC (by GFA) since 2009. In summary, my main consultant work include:

  • Fifteen years of working on community-based natural resources management & community enterprise development.
  • Intensive experience in working with policy and institutional analysis and livelihood improvement.
  • Expert in management of protected areas and issues of socio-ecological systems.
  • Expert in value chain development for agroforestry products.
  • Local auditor of forest certification (FSC/GFA) and sustainable forest management.
  • Analyst of sustainability of REDD+ and PES in context of natural resource management;
  • Experience in climate change adaptation measures at local levels.

For further details, take a look on my updated CV.

Contact me at: dzungtringo (at) gmail (dot) com.