Notes of year end 2017

The last minute of year 2017 is coming. This is a quite busy year with so many events happening to my career and family life. Everything is going better and better. Much more experience and lessons learnt from these events. It’s time to say ‘No’ if things wouldn’t bring happiness to you. Don’t trap you in a busy life, and do things in a more conscious way. Let things go in an simple and easy way, don’t force it to hard and make yourself in troubles.

“Tuỳ thuận theo hoàn cảnh 
Không buộc theo ý mình
Giữ tâm không giữ cảnh
Tâm bình cảnh cũng bình” (TMN)

Looking forward to a happy year of 2018.

About dzungtringo

Work on forest and natural resource management. Interested in how human activities shape the nature including ecology, landscape, and habitats.
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