Cycling to Greifensee

Greifensee(dungo-05.07.2015) Sunday biking to Greifensee (another lake nearby the Zurichsee). Total distance was about 10km but it took me almost 45′ to reach there. It was quite steep when I tried to cross a small pass in Witikon. Before getting the Greifensee, my bike went down a really steep slope at Fallanden, Eggler. This made a rear tyre flat completely. Finally, I had to fold it and brought to Gemeindehaus station and took bus 765 back to Zurich. I was still not reach to the Greifensee yet. Hope to make it another time.

Recorded route by iShare S300.


About dzungtringo

Work on forest and natural resource management. Interested in how human activities shape the nature including ecology, landscape, and habitats.
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