NRM issues come into publication

bwriting_bannerDuring two days of 16-17 December 2013, researchers and lecturers from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, and US met together in a book writing workshop in Hanoi to consolidate research experience and studies in NRM issues. This workshop is an outcome of 10-year supports of Ford Foundation and MacArthur Foundation to Vietnamese researchers in forms of Ph.D, M.Sc scholarships and research grants. So far, there have been 6 PhD (4 from Hue and 2 from Hanoi) and 15 MSc students (10 from Hue & 5 from Hanoi) graduated from these two sponsoring programs during 2003-2013 period.

The workshop received total 33 draft book chapters which are divided into two volumes:

– Volume 1: Upland natural resources and socio ecological system in Northern Vietnam. This volume includes 16 chapters divided into 4 sub-themes such as system thinking, policy, SES governance issues, and general setting of NRM in the context of northern parts of Vietnam.

– Volume 2: Natural resource dynamics in central Vietnam. There are 17 chapters in this volume which is arranged in 3 sub-themes namely land-use and livelihood, methodology, and policy and institutions.

These two volumes are supposed to be published by end of 2014 in Sage publishing house. Previously, AIT faculties and Ph.D students have published several books in Sage publishing house such as Decentralization, Forests, and Rural Communities, Asian Irrigation in Transition.



About dzungtringo

Work on forest and natural resource management. Interested in how human activities shape the nature including ecology, landscape, and habitats.
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