NRM in Vietnam: Challenges and potentials

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 7.55.29 AMFinally, I can make a presentation with colleagues and faculties at School of Food, Agricultural  and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS) before leaving Minnesota after 4 months of CSP exchange. This is my second seminar presentation (after the IPID talk), and the 4th public speaking series during my time at UMN. Given common interests in research topics between CFANS and my college HUAF, the presentation aims at introducing emerging NRM issues in Vietnam, the status of management, and seeking possible collaboration between HUAF and UMN faculty and students in the future.

One of my goals when participating in this CSP exchange program is to establish long term relationship with US researchers to help improve research capacity for Vietnam. Together with this relation, we will find opportunities to conduct research projects in Vietnam and jointly published our findings in international journals. At the CFANS, my host organisation CINRAM will play as a regional hub to coordinate research work in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central America. The good news I got yesterday was the first group of students will come to my center for 10-week practicum in May 2014. They will help to further strengthen our collaboration strategy as well as make Vietnam good place for UMN student and faculty exchange in the coming time.Presentation

We hope to provide the first outcome of CINRAM and CORENARM collaboration in mid 2014, and create an updated page on CINRAM website about other student groups’ work coordinated by MDP in the next semester.

Read the announcement on my presentation here, and I put my presentation slides here. A short clip of this presentation is here.

We welcome any ideas, contribution, and interest to join our collaboration strategy. Contact me at dzungtringo (at) gmail (dot) com.


About dzungtringo

Work on forest and natural resource management. Interested in how human activities shape the nature including ecology, landscape, and habitats.
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